Corruption as Viewed by Kazakhstani Students

November 6, 2008

The corruption in education of Kazakhstan

The corruption in our unicercitites is not a surprise. Everybody knows that in some institutes or universities we have the corruption, and it is not a new news. In some universities teachers take the money for the entrance to the university. When a student come to the examine he has a list of answers to all questions, or even a student may not to come to the exam, because he has already is the student of the particular university. another example of the corruption is the attendance. Students even may not come to the university at all, but in the end he has the best grades in the class. I  heard some such stories, my friends do not attend their universities at all, or attend but very seldom, and in the end of the semester they have good grades. And it is really problem of many universities. The finance police check all such universities, and catch some corrupters. their work is very efficient. I think that this problem in the uture will be decide, and we will not have such problems like corruption in the future.



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